Zhejiang Xiangjie Green Building Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province. We are a high-tech enterprise that has long been committed to the deep research and development, as well as the production and manufacturing of U-shaped glass, U-shaped solar power generation glass, U-shaped LED optoelectronic display glass and other series of product process innovation……

                                          Second half of 2021

                                          In July, Xiangjie Lvjian, Xiangjie optoelectronics, Xiangjie photovoltaic and other trademarks were successfully registered

                                          In August, participated in the formulation of "made in Zhejiang" photovoltaic U-glass standard system in Zhejiang photovoltaic industry

                                          In August, it participated in the application of national high-tech enterprises

                                          In September, participated in the declaration of "Zhejiang manufactured products" in Zhejiang Province

                                          First half of 2021

                                          On March 16, the whole subsidiary Nanchang company was established

                                          In April, it became an AAA credit unit

                                          April industrial innovation and excellence demonstration unit in Zhejiang Province

                                          In May, it became a member of Hangzhou photovoltaic Association

                                          Ubipv optoelectronic business management center was established in June

                                          In 2020, the company will successfully tran

                                          The company name is changed to: Zhejiang Xiangjie Lvjian Technology Co., Ltd

                                          In February, it became a member of Zhejiang Decoration Association

                                          In March, a photovoltaic research group composed of 6 people, including chief scientist Dr. Fu Yaoxian, researcher Dr. Liu Zhuang and Dr. Feng Zhipeng, was established

                                          From April to December, 12 national patents were successfully authorized

                                          In 2019, the company acquired and reorganiz

                                          In April, he participated in the preparation of "national photoelectric technology application regulations"

                                          On May 15, the whole subsidiary Hangzhou company was established

                                          In June, he participated in the preparation of "integrated design and installation of building solar components" organized by China Building Standards Research Institute

                                          On November 20, Chengdu Branch was established

                                          In 2018, it successfully applied for a numb

                                          Successfully developed the "solar power generation U-glass" system, referred to as UB Ⅰ PV

                                          The "power generation + LED display photoelectric U-glass" system has been successfully developed

                                          It has opened the promotion and application of photovoltaic U-glass, photoelectric U-glass and U-glass

                                          From 2014 to 2017

                                          The special tempering equipment for 8m long U-glass has been developed, which fills the gap that U-glass cannot be tempered in China

                                          The 10mm thick U-glass has been developed, which fills the blank of 8-10mm thick calendered U-glass at home and abroad

                                          The 90mm wing height edge is developed, which fills the gap of 70-90mm calendered u glass wing height at home and abroad

                                          The successful registration of "Xiangjie" multiple series trademarks has opened the promotion journey of quality + brand + service

                                          Hangzhou Xiangjie Glass Co., Ltd. was incor

                                          From 2012 to 2014, the history team jointly developed the U-shaped glass production line of electric furnace calendering process, which filled the gap of non electric furnace calendering production process of U-shaped glass production enterprises

                                          Feng Jie, general manager

                                          General manager, person in charge of marketing company, engaged in U-glass development, engineering service and marketing planning for 20 years

                                          Director Liu Fuwei

                                          Director of Technology Department and head of marketing department 2, structural engineer, Editorial Committee of national architectural Atlas

                                          Ji Chunmei, Deputy general manager

                                          Head of finance department and supply chain management, proficient in R & D projects and project operation of Guogao

                                          Xu Guohua, Chief engineer

                                          CTO, mechanical / semiconductor / electrical major, editorial board of photoelectric building standards and national architectural Atlas

                                          Chairman Xie Zhidong

                                          The first generation of photovoltaic, engaged in semiconductor monocrystalline silicon for 20 years, and general manager of the head office

                                          Peng Li, ALICE

                                          Foreign trade minister and PMP project manager, with many years of project management experience in the world's top 500 enterprises

                                          Dr.Liu Zhuang

                                          Deputy general manager, former director of solar photovoltaic center of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and leader of peacock team

                                          Dr. Fu Yaoxian

                                          Chief scientist, director of R & D department, internationally renowned photovoltaic thin film solar cell expert doctoral supervisor

                                          Liang Qinghui, director

                                          Head of production division, President of solar energy association, and designer of photovoltaic and LED application products

                                          Director Tang Mei

                                          Director of Commerce Department and head of Optoelectronics business department

                                          Add:Room 1801-1802, block B, xiangteng Fortune Center, No. 468, Minhe Road, Qianjiang Century City, Hangzhou


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                                          Business cooperation:13456981711 Manager Tang


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